Descendants of Jan Harkes and Harke Pieters (?)

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A lot of google-ing went into the creation of these pages. Additionally, the fast majority of data is retrieved from familysearch, genlias and rootsweb. I am deeply indepted to those that have collected this for me (e.g. W. Bakkenes, M.I. Michelson & M. v.d. Merwe, A. Hollander, as well as others). I can safely claim that all errors are mine.

The goal of this page is to eventually give a complete and consistent picture, spiced up with some interesting tit-bits, of the descendants from Jan Harkes. I feel this is a good start as I have collected eleven Bakker/ Homan/ Zijlma/ Zijlema/ Zylema (pronounced ZIGH'-leh-mah) /Zijlman /Klemp /Klimp generations of Harke (of which 734 740 persons (nine generations) are presented here).


National Allround Ice Skating Champion

Jan Harke Bakker was National Allround Ice Skating Champion in 1917
(he clocked (outdoor) 57,4 - 10.34,0 - 3.01,4 - 22.09,2) and came in second in 1914 and 1922.
In 1924, Jan Harke was "provinciaal Gelders kampioen".

Ome Loeks

In Groningen, the story of Ome Loeks is well known. A number of persons claim
they were the true Ome Loeks. One is known as Lukas van Hemmen, find the story here (see 'd'Twijde').
Lukas was a son of Mense van Hemmen who was a son of Lucas Hindriks van Hemmen. We assume Lucas Hindriks van Hemmen inherited his name from his grandfather,
Lucas Hindriks van Hemmen. We assume that Lukas Bakker, son of Nijske van Hemmen (a sister of
Mense) also inherited his first name from Lucas Hindriks van Hemmen.
Continueing this reasoning, descendants of Lukas Bakker, with variations of Lukas
in their name, may assume their name is related to Loeks in Ome Loeks.

Het Grote Boer Bakker Interview

Boer and Boerin Bakker were featered in the March edition of the in de Buitenhof, edition March 2005. De Buitenhof was partially developed on boer Bakker's land.

I have also collected some descendants of Bouke Rienks Smid, an ancestor of my wife.

Please contact me if you can share additional information.

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